Influencer Guided Course

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Influencer Guided Course


If you are starting from zero with video or just struggling to be innovative and grow your content this guided course will change everything.

The Video Influencer Guided Course will give you the tools to make a greater impact with your videos and set you on the path to becoming a video influencer.

Each week you learn

  • New skills to help you create consistent content year round that caters to your viewers and helps you find a new audience.
  • You'll learn the strategy behind a video plan,
  • You'll learn how to set up your studio and equipment,
  • We find the best editing software for your needs
  • You get instant feedback on filming and editing
  • And small group coaching and accountability for reaching your video goals. 
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2018 Video Influencer Guided Course

The next big thing is influencer marketing. Get in front of the curve and learn how to get paid to use your influence. 

I've pinpointed where most new YouTubers get stuck or go wrong and developed this course specifically to tackle those hurdles. The consistent content hurdle. This is where so many aspiring YouTubers go wrong. They upload a video each week then realize they need another video and nothing has been filmed or edited. They get overwhelmed by being behind and drop off youtube forever.

Don't let this be you!

By joining the accountability small group you learn:

  1. My system for creating 1-2 videos each week all year round
  2. How to optimize your channel and set up your channel if you haven't already
  3. How to optimize each video 
  4. How to overcome any hurdle you may have with customized assignments each week
  5. How to Schedule and promote your videos after they are released

BONUS: You also receive my Channel Set-up Course as well as my Video Influencer Content Calendar to help you stay consistent year round. 

How the group works:
The group is no larger than three participants to maximize our time. We meet every week to learn the next step in launching a successful channel.

In addition to the weekly calls, you gain access to a private Slack channel. Here you can ask questions anytime, day or night. By the end of the six weeks, you will have enough content to launch your channel the right way AND have a system and habit to keep creating consistent content and growing your channel organically. 

If you want to have a one-on-one minisession before the group begins, check out the mastermind prep package!

*New groups start every month.